Annual Reports

Our annual reports are designed to provide City of Anna citizens, as well as administrators, a detailed view of our annual operations, use of force incident and racial profile statistics. Published information includes calls for service information, crime trends, personnel/staffing and agency accomplishments. 

Annual Report of The Anna Police Department

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), serves as the regulatory agency for all peace officers in Texas, which includes sheriffs and their deputiesconstables and their deputiespolice officersmarshalstroopersTexas Rangersenforcement agents of the Alcoholic Beverage Commissioninvestigators of the Attorney General, and game wardens. County jailers and public security officers are also regulated by TCOLE. Law enforcement agencies in Texas are required to file annual reports. Below are the annual reports for the Anna Police Department. 

Anna Police Department Bias-Based Racial Profiling Policy - VIEW

O P E R A T I O N S   R E P O R T S

Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices, Constable Offices and other Texas Law Enforcement Organizations governed by TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) are required to prepare and publish an annual operating report. These reports are submitted to TCOLE and published for the public to review. 


R A C I A L   P R O F I L I N G   R E P O R T S

Anna Police Officers use Brazos / Tyler electronic traffic citation software and hardware when issuing citations. The Anna Police Department, like many law enforcement organizations across America, have migrated away from the old paper-based traffic citations to new, cloud based solutions like Brazos/Tyler. The Brazos/Tyler solution enables the officer to more accurately and rapidly acquire vehicle and violator information by scanning the bar code on the windshield registration sticker, and scanning the bar code on a driver's license. This technology more accurately collects required data to complete state mandated biased based policing reports. Below are our most recent racial profile reports

2017 – To View Report Click PDF 

2016 – To View Report Click PDF

2015 – To View Report Click PDF

R E S P O N S E   T O   R E S I S T A N C E    R E P O R T S

The annual Response to Resistance report provides agency administrators an illustration of the total number of cases where force was used to counter an individual's aggressive behavior toward officers. This report details the gender, age and race of the individuals and the type of response used by officers. 

2017 – To View Report Click PDF


2016 - To View Report Click PDF

2015 - To View Report Click PDF

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