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Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations

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The Anna Police Department Criminal Investigation Division (CID) handles the investigation of all criminal offense reports filed by Anna Police Department Patrol Officers. CID is organized into two sections: Property Crimes and Crimes Against Persons. The key contacts for both are listed below. 

Detective Tracy Foster - | 972-924-2848

Sergeant Rush Smith - | 972-924-2848


When you call 911 to report a criminal offense where a patrol officer, or officers, respond to your home or business a preliminary investigation is conducted by the patrol officers. If the incident is "in-progress", meaning the assault, theft, burglary, trespass is actively happening and the offenders are still at the location when patrol officers arrive the offenders may be arrested and taken into custody at that time. If the incident is not "in-progress" an on-scene arrest is unlikely.


Regardless if an arrest is made or not, the patrol officer leading the preliminary investigation files an "offense report". The offense report then goes the Anna Police Department Criminal Investigation division and is assigned to a detective. The detective conducts a follow-up investigation to validate information in the original offense report and obtain any new information regarding the case, and ensure probable cause exists for any actions.  The detective may then obtain an arrest warrant, prepare the case for submission to the District Attorney's office for prosecution, or close the case if it is determined an offense did not occur. 


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