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Patrol Division Covers Anna Streets 24/7

The Patrol Division of the Anna Police Department is the most visible and recognizable unit of the Anna police department, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Patrol officers are first responders who provide proactive police patrols, enforce federal, state, and local laws, traffic laws, and report offenses. In short, Patrol performs initial investigations into offenses and prevents and deters crimes through their presence.

In order to effectively provide coverage throughout the city, the Patrol Division utilizes 2 shifts responsible for different geographic regions of the City of Anna. The patrol shifts work in 12-hour rotations with both day and night shift coverage. 

You  may listen to Anna Police and Fire live dispatch by going to the web site link below on your smart-phone or computer with an Internet connection. Anna Police Department patrol units are dispatched by the Collin County Sheriff's Office and under the top link in the list which includes multiple cities.  Anna PD units are those which have an "82XX" numerical designation.


To listen to live Anna Police and Fire Dispatching click HERE

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